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PPEI EFI Live Autocal for LML Duramax Level 1

$915.00 $889.00

PPEI LML Autocal Level 1

2011-2014 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 - Duramax

Level 1 trucks are stock trucks with exhaust, EGR blocked/deleted, lift pump and built transmisssions.

There is no switch for the LML and currently no plans for one.  The Autocal or a V2 will be required to control the tunes!

Tuning includes
Stock - This file MUST be loaded before loading any tune files
Towing 60hp
Performance 120hp
Hot Street 150hp
Maxx Effort 200hp (comes with level one but requires lift pump to get to 200hp)


There is information needed on this product to make sure the correct programming is sent to you.  If you can answer the following questions, it is required in order for the order to be placed.



Model: 2500 or 3500

Engine: LML

Cab & Chassis: Yes or No

Tire Size

Transmission: Auto or Manual

Emissions Present: Yes or No